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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 01. What is the cloud technology?

    "Cloud technology" is a concept that has been emerging in the Information Technology sector since 2011, that to distribute your system and data on multiple large well-organized servers, not just one computer or server and innovative technological solutions for to run your business in the most efficient and sustainable way. The concept of using the given resources in the most profitable and effective way or organizing and succeeding in your business can be explained in connection with cloud technology. Today, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud are leading the way in cloud technology, setting the world's technology trends.
  • 02. Why move your business to Cloud Technology?

  • 03. What are the advantages of consulting from AWS through your organization?

  • 04. Will the transition to cloud technology provide security?

  • 05. Үүлэн технологи руу шилжсэнээрээ Аюулгүй байдлыг хангаж чадах уу?