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Itools Cloud Services

We have just finished one of our Cloud solutions for the Mongolian Bank with Cloud Stable solutions. How we cooperate and fixed problems in detailed belove.

It takes a lot of time to research and buy physical servers. Prepare a special room where the received physical servers meet security standards. These include:

  • Fiber optic cables and electrical flooring
  • Installation of cooling and ventilation systems
  • Purchase and deploy Servers Hosting Rack
  • Constant high-speed internet download
  • Create a room system
  • Access control system
  • Prepare control and management
  • Purchase a surveillance camera
  • Make a grounding system
  • Salary engineers to ensure the normal operation and security of the servers
  • Repair and replace the server in case of failure. With a lifespan of 5 years, it costs money to replace servers and other equipment. There is a risk of system failure when the power outages goes out.
  • There is no need to buy large servers, and ISC public cloud platform was developed and implemented a solution based on cloud technology
  • By placing your data in Mongolia, not on international data, information security is fully ensured
  • There is no need to prepare a special room
  • Many engineers do not need to be paid
  • Reduce your costs by up to 80% by eliminating the need to purchase a license every 1-3 years
  • And if you have already purchased servers, you do not need to create a solution to use it efficiently and buy a new license
  • there is no need to worry that if the server is not located in Mongolia, your organization's information will be in the cloud in Mongolia.
  • It costs very little to start using a public cloud server
  • Save time by allowing users to use it directly for themselves
  • It is possible to pay for the use that 63% of the use of physical infrastructure
  • It costs very little to start using a public cloud server
  • License fees paid every 1-3 years have been saved and costs have been reduced by 80%
  • Increase product development speed up to 150%
  • System continuous SLA 99.95% + multi Deployment
In the future
  • The information is copied and pasted on each service, so there are no system crashes.
  • It is possible to expand the system in any way
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