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Administration & Observability.

Fibo features a built in administrative management console to carry out the day-to-day activities for running a cloud business. There is also a Grafana based dashboard with notifications for more detailed overview of the state of the infrastructure.

  • Birds eye view of the resource utilisation
  • Business and accounting metrics
  • Manage clients, billing accounts, payments, credits and discounts
  • Impersonate end-users to provide first level support
  • Admin API to automate some management tasks

Availability & Reliability

Fibo platform is highly available and reliable by design following distributed microservice architecture principles and leveraging Apache Mesos as an underlying framework.

  • Each service is standalone and can be scaled & healed separately
  • System is distributed over several control nodes
  • Underlying distributed Ceph storage adds another layer of reliability
  • In the case of hardware failure the resources are automatically migrated to another node

Billing System

Fibo includes a complete billing system with many local payment methods your customers are already using and familiar with. Platform covers both pre- and post-payment billing models.

  • Costs are calculated on a time per resource type basis (RAM, CPU, block storage, object storage etc.)
  • Users can set up multiple billing accounts with different payment methods
  • Billing accounts can also be used as a scope to limit access while sharing
  • Detailed overview of users expenditure across resources
  • Additional payment methods can be implemented


The graphical user interface (GUI) is a standalone component and has a built in theming capability. It enables to provide several themes against the same underlying infrastructure. This enables data centers to quickly add new resellers without any additional overhead on infrastructure or management efforts.

  • Each reseller can have different payment methods, themes and other details
  • Many local payment options with customizable terms and payment flow
  • Integrations with Intercom for live support
  • Detailed overview of users expenditure across resources
  • Configurable on-boarding process

Scalability and Maintenance

Plug'n'play infrastructure expanding is a super time saver when adding or replacing many servers at once. In the case of hardware failure the end-user resources are automatically migrated to other available hypervisors while physical hardware gets replaced to provide an interruption free maintenance and excellent reliability.

  • Fibo is easily expandable thanks to distributed system kernel Apache Mesos and purely functional and declarative Linux distribution on NixOS.
  • It’s easy to deploy Fibo, add and replace hypervisors, and upgrade the system without any downtime.
  • Deployments are done on a per-component-basis and all upgrades are rolling in nature.
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