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It is difficult for business ventures to commit to cloud technology in one swift decision. Several factors are part of the decision-making process. Two such factors that take precedence are the needs of the company and consequently selecting the right vendor...

A virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system that provides the functionality of a physical computer, therefore, virtualizing the hardware. It allows one physical server to run several individual computing environments; thus, it is the equivalent of multiple servers. It can work with multiple operating systems and come with a predetermined billing period under which the cost incurred is based on resource consumption.

One of the most exciting features of a virtual machine when used locally, such as on a laptop, is that it acts as an internet sandbox. This means a virtual, isolated space where software can be executed in a way that doesn’t allow it to affect anything else on a computer. It also simplifies the workflow for testing apps and websites across multiple platforms and can be utilized to test suspicious files for malware...

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